Clarendon Hotel

Update 04/26/2009: Gallo Blanco Cafe is now officially open to the public.

This past week, it finally happened. A “real” restaurant finally opened inside Midtown’s Clarendon Hotel.

Since its previous and most significant transition from the critically-successful Camus restaurant a few years ago (and the resulting drama that set local gossips afire), subsequent restaurant ventures at the Clarendon Hotel (one known as “C4,” then another as “Clarendon Kitchen”) have unfortunately consistently failed to deliver in the food, atmosphere and concept departments. Despite all the ballyhoo along the way, following alterations over the months and years were never executed thoroughly, with ideas never truly focused.

I guess I should disclose that I do have a close, loyal personal history with the hotel and its owners. Though I admit I may be a little biased here, I’ve never been shy about my desire for constructive critique – most notably in regard to this seemingly cursed restaurant space (up until now).


Doug Robson, circa LGO days (Cheryl Evans/Arizona Republic)

Enter Gallo Blanco Cafe, and its new leader Doug Robson.

Hotel owner/GM Ben Bethel had sold the rights of the hotel’s in-house restaurant to Robson for a complete overhaul of the space’s design, concept and menu. Thankfully, it’s in good hands. With a resume that includes associations with the likes of Phoenix restaurant dynasty LGO Hospitality, there finally appears to be hope on the horizon. Expect Mexico City-centric, regional Mexican cuisine.

Renovation photos recently posted by Robson on Urbanspoon


Interior picture taken during rennovation, illustrating some of the drastic changes.


Menu circa April 2009.

Gallo Blanco Cafe | | 401 W. Clarendon Ave | Midtown Phoenix | 602-252-7363

Gallo Blanco Cafe on Urbanspoon