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FnB: Generous Snapshot

Posted on March 13, 2010

More FnB. I know, right? In the hurried realm of blogging, “hiatus” is profane terminology. Equally toxic are the countless half-started, unpublished posts that continually pile up, likely never to reach the light of existence. I have so many. Thankfully however, an old writing spell with FnB couldn’t remain suppressed any longer. After umpteen glorious features both in the media–locally and nationally (hello, NYT)–and among the growing crowd of fellow local food bloggers, the fact that I still hadn’t revisited my own favorable FnB experience(s) became a cry increasingly too loud to ignore. I’ve now had the pleasure of eating at FnB on multiple occasions in the fairly brief time the new restaurant has been open. Where frequently a new spot of similar aim takes time…

This Weekend: Devoured Phoenix

Posted on March 9, 2010

Update 03/16/2010: For a post weekend wrap-up of Devoured 2010 by yours truly in the Downtown Phoenix Journal, go HERE. Update 03/15/2011: For a recount of Devoured 2011, also in the Downtown Phoenix Journal, go HERE. Update 03/15/2012: For a post weekend wrap-up of Devoured 2012 in the Downtown Phoenix Journal, go HERE. Despite the many internal controversies within our community’s food brethren as a result of its official shakeup last year, the once effortlessly respectable (and popular) West of Western culinary festival is simply no more. In its place however, a newly annual springtime food event is being prepped for its freshman debut, bringing with it a decidedly updated focus and intention. Labeled Devoured Phoenix Culinary Classic, the freshly minted food fest is being orchestrated indirectly by the amplifying…



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