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Grub Love: Fish Tacos at Tacos Atoyac

Posted on June 23, 2012

A great taco is a bite hard to forget. A great fish taco is sometimes a bite hard to find. From local hangouts to corporate franchises alike, fish tacos are ubiquitous, especially here in the Southwest, but an infestation of the bland erode our memory of the truly delicious. If you haven’t already been to Tacos Atoyac in North Central Phoenix, you should go, now. Located on the NEC of Glendale and 19th Avenues, this spare, no-fuss spot is slightly ajar the well-traveled paths of many, however, it deserves any detour. It is simply one of the best taco spots in town. And yes: they serve some damn good fish tacos. Sealed inside a thin crust of seasoned batter, Tacos Atoyac’s tacos de pescado…

Grub Love: Pane Bianco’s MTB Sandwich

Posted on April 24, 2011

Chris Bianco is very talented, we know. Slinging those iconic golden pies for the unyielding masses (almost) every night, the James Beard Award-wining chef’s notorious work ethic at his fabled Pizzeria Bianco has never seemed anything south of remarkable. At Bianco’s sharper and more accessible cousin Pane Bianco, the chef manages to parlay his drive for the perfectly tailored pizza–an intuitive ratio of inspiration, meticulous ingredients and masterful execution–into one of the best sandwich shops in the city. One of my absolutes at Pane Bianco is their peerless mozzarella, tomato and basil sandwich. Buttery, handmade buffalo mozzarella makes face time with minty basil and ripe, glossy tomatoes (both of which are house-grown), all gently pressed between doughy rounds of Bianco’s fine-tuned ciabatta-lite bread, blistered briefly in the…

This Weekend: Devoured Phoenix

Posted on March 9, 2010

Update 03/16/2010: For a post weekend wrap-up of Devoured 2010 by yours truly in the Downtown Phoenix Journal, go HERE. Update 03/15/2011: For a recount of Devoured 2011, also in the Downtown Phoenix Journal, go HERE. Update 03/15/2012: For a post weekend wrap-up of Devoured 2012 in the Downtown Phoenix Journal, go HERE. Despite the many internal controversies within our community’s food brethren as a result of its official shakeup last year, the once effortlessly respectable (and popular) West of Western culinary festival is simply no more. In its place however, a newly annual springtime food event is being prepped for its freshman debut, bringing with it a decidedly updated focus and intention. Labeled Devoured Phoenix Culinary Classic, the freshly minted food fest is being orchestrated indirectly by the amplifying…

Opening Soon: Hula’s Modern Tiki

Posted on September 2, 2009

Update 09/28/2009: Hula’s is now open. Menu available HERE. For my opening night preview in Downtown Phoenix Journal, go HERE. For those already mid-century inclined, the slow but steady revival of Tiki kitsch has not gone without notice. In what has become an alien subset of the re-tooled mid-century modern movement over the past decade or so, the cult of Tiki has easily taken on a more exposed role. A certified design fad by the 1940s and 1950s, the Tiki “wave” was prominently imported by U.S. military personnel stationed throughout the South Pacific during World War II. Think early Waikiki, Palm Springs, Rat Pack-era Las Vegas, Hollywood’s infamous eatery Don the Beachcomber, and Victor Berger’s eventual institution Trader Vic’s (and their noted Mai Tai cocktails).…

Now Open: Lola Coffee

Posted on May 12, 2009

Little Lola is growing up, and she’s taking over Phoenix. Entering her gangly tween years, we might be calling the next concept Lourdes (but let us hope never Lolita). Small success after small success, Daniel Wayne, the former brains behind such beloved Midtown Phoenix institutions Lux Coffeebar, Lola Tapas, and LT’s accouterment Lola Roastery (as in coffee not chicken), has once again entered the local ring of food and drink. After a proper renovation, Lola Coffee has set up shop in the center of one of Midtown’s hippest (and most eclectic) shopping plazas. Located on the NWC of Central Ave and Highland, Lola bunks with several well-known Midtown friends who also reside in the small, but new-again strip center. Most notably, long time rental institution Movies…

Opening Soon: St. Francis

Posted on May 1, 2009

Update 09/05/2009: St. Francis is now open. Website with menu available. For my opening night preview in the Downtown Phoenix Journal, go HERE. Just open already. For nearly a year now, we’ve been anxiously awaiting (read: nearly frothing over) the opening of St. Francis, a much-hyped new restaurant on Midtown’s northern fringe. We’ve been teased with drips of information in the interim, which only seems to exacerbate local buzz even more-so. One of the reasons is simple. St. Francis is one of the first genuinely high-profile dining spots to open in Midtown in recent memory (the new Gallo Blanco Cafe and Postino Central also come to mind). If fact, if the hype pans out, St. Francis could be considered the formal beginning of Midtown’s…

Midtown Coffee, Matt Pool style

Posted on April 29, 2009

Update 05/22/2010: Giant Coffee is finally, officially open to the public. Critically adorned Downtown restauranteur Matt Pool (along with his wife Erenia) are in cahoots to open a slick new coffeehouse just south of PAM, near McDowell and 1st Street. They are hoping for an opening very soon. Pool himself is the gentle giant behind such Downtown mainstays Matt’s Big Breakfast and the Roosevelt Tavern. Though there will be a small and limited food menu, Pool’s primary focus will be java and its many different, and might I add glorious, caffeinated incarnations. The new coffee haunt will be located in the modern two-story office building that sits just south of Thai Hut, alongside our city’s suburban-ly underwhelming (yes, it’s true) Cancer Survivor’s Park. The stark-white, rehabilitated structure…


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