Sushi Downtown? Finally.


In what seems to have been the only breed of restaurant to actually avoid Downtown over the past few decades, the ever-maturing culinary landscape of the area might finally be bearing some genuine fruit. No longer are Downtown or Midtown diners relegated to twenty-minute drives to Scottsdale, Tempe or north Phoenix for worthy sushi (Hana probably being the only, nearest exception), there is finally relief nearby.

Picture the exuberant grin running across my face.

Located on the ground floor of the fairly new lofts at 215 E. McKinley, Moira Sushi is staking its claim. Like comparable sushi restaurants in other parts of town, the atmosphere is modern and pleasing, aesthetically. Though Moira doesn’t have a physical bar area in which to patronize individually, they do have a full liquor license and robust cocktail list. Beyond raw seafood, the restaurant also offers a very strong menu of “hot” items.

I’ve only eaten there once so far, and it was just before closing. I definitely plan to again in the coming weeks after becoming interested with my initial experience (food, atmosphere, service). A formal review to come.

In the meantime, Moira is not only a promising new Downtown haunt–it’s a promising new Downtown haunt that serves sushi. It’s independent, it has character–support it folks, and spread the word. If we all do our part, owners plan to keep Moira open until 2am daily.

Talk about blasphemy. This is still sun-down bed-time Downtown we’re talking about here, right?

Moira Sushi | | 215 E. McKinley | Downtown Phoenix | 602-254-5085

Moira Sushi on Urbanspoon

  1. I’m pleased with Moira so far and reviewed it favorably on my site. For some strange reason, it’s getting bashed a lot on Yelp. People seem to have very rigid notions of what a sushi bar should be like. I like Moira because it’s not afraid to pursue its own vision.


  2. I’ve definitely noticed some of these fair-weathered reviews online. If someone is a truly wise expert on the exactness of sushi, and all of it’s preparations, I’ll consider some feedback. However, for the most part I feel it’s a bad case of group mentality, and being critical for critical sake (something I feel unfortunately happens a lot on Yelp). Their sushi may not blow into the record books, but it’s good, and of good quality. I won’t name names, but I can think of a few, much more popular sushi spots in town, serving sushi that is much, much more questionable. Also, I feel Moira is more than sushi-only. Many of their “hot” plates have proven thus far to be a very tasty, and worth ordering again (their pho crunch, in particular). All in all, they are the new kids on the block, they have genuine, admirable intentions, they are trying something a little different (like you touched on), thus far service has always been friendly, and: the food is good. My hope is that Moira is able to survive the next six-twelve months, and be truly able to hit it’s stride more effectively.


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