Summertime Cape Cod Hiatus 2009: Complete

As all good things demand completion, my annual summertime holiday to the New England seaside nirvana that is Cape Cod has concluded. Though it’s always sad to leave, I thankfully return bearing replenished spirit, motivation, and more than anything, a satisfied belly full of sea-sourced eats. Oceanic goodness of course, that I will highlight in subsequent entries.


Highland Light, Truro, MA.
Highland Light, Truro, MA.


In regard to this absence, as each new Phoenix summer presents itself, with its uniquely blistering, oppressive brand of heat, life in this city becomes increasingly harder to withstand.

As a young child, remedies for the searing summertime onslaught often seemed so tactical. Entire afternoons were spent floating in the backyard pool, bumping around on the Slip ‘n Slide with varied neighborhood friends, or chain-sucking my way through family-sized boxes of Otter Pops, the cranked kiln that is Phoenix’s summer sky seemed never to phase.

Unfortunately, tricks like these have become far less effective with age. Sometimes getting away is the only answer. Much like snowbirds who make annual winter pilgrimages to destinations south and west, here in Phoenix I yearn for such respite on the opposite end of the calendar. Notably, May through September. Okay, maybe October these days too.

Though I don’t currently enjoy the flexibility in life to accommodate such long annual excursions (someday), my lengthy, wayfaring ritual to New England every month of July definitely helps to mitigate some of my summertime dread and angst.

New England-style clam chowder. Captain Parker’s, Yarmouth, MA.
Lobster roll heaven. Sesuit Harbor Cafe, Dennis, MA.
Incredible cream. Falmouth, MA.
Decent wine tasting. Truro, MA.

Though I would readily wither away the remainder of my life along those breezy, grassy beaches and charming seaside villages of Cape Cod—stuffing my face with hearty chowders, just-peaked shellfish, regal homemade ice creams, and one-to-many “world famous” lobster rolls—I earnestly admit I had a jonesing to return home.

(Weather never taken into account, of course.)

If for nothing else, this blog. Lately in Phoenix, if beloved restaurants aren’t suddenly throwing in the towel (Sea Saw, Tapino’s, Fine’s Cellars, to name just a sample), exciting new spots are incessantly buzzed about, with a particular niagara of eateries beginning to debut over the next few months alone. In less words, I cannot wait.

In finality, during this particular breather, big thanks are deserved for all of the positive feedback and e-mail I’ve received due to my absence. If anything, motivations for this website have definitely been fortified.


  1. Tapinos?!!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Where else are we going to drop $1000 tabs PDiddy style?? Oh, wait…we can’t. Now it makes sense. Oh Booty Call you will be missed!!


  2. Tapino’s was one of the more unfortunate closings this past year. Luckily, chef-owner James Porter hasn’t wasted any time making a turnaround. He already has a new restaurant – a casual, rustic French spot called Petite Maison – set to open at the end of this month in downtown Scottsdale. I know I’m optimistic (and curious).


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