Sweet, Sweet Republic

Sweet Republic co-owner Helen Yung (Brandon Sullivan/Bon Appetit)

While parts of the country have been under an evil hex of gelato and frozen yogurt over the past several years, it’s refreshing to see good old-fashioned ice cream making a quiet comeback.

We are no longer relegated to the tortures of Tiffany lamps, grainy wood-paneled walls, brass accents, and ice cream served in tall ornate glass goblets. As our own president often says, it’s better to look forward, than backwards.

Hard to disagree with such philosophy.

Growing up in Phoenix, I was raised on the likes of Swensen’s and local favorites Mary Coyle’s and the Sugar Bowl. Though still tasty (and preferred over certain national chains), they have since all become near fossils of their former selves. Once the nostalgia and wisps of Americana fade, you’re left with something never quite as good as you remembered.

Profiled in the current issue of Bon Appétit, one of my new local favorites, Sweet Republic, was listed as one of the Hot 10 Ice Cream Shops in the nation. Though not the absolute best ice cream I’ve ever tasted, many of their selections are pretty darn close.

If anything, they earn extra points for breaking the stodgy ice cream parlor mold. They’re different, and in clever ways.

Sweet Republic is the perfect illustration of how ice cream can be just as “hip” as their fellow, frosty rivals, without ever losing any of that homespun feeling so many of us grew up remembering.

Besides the bright, clean and modern space, the Scottsdale ice cream shop overtly goes out of its way to use pure, locally-sourced organic ingredients whenever possible. Even if one or two of their frozen creations don’t blow you out of the ballpark, it’s hard to fault them for trying (or for originality).

I realize I’m a late echo to this, as the majority of local – and now national – food press have already gushed over Sweet Republic. However, I cannot help but join the chorus of accolades. It is definitely one of my favorite new spots for ice cream.

For you weirdos out there, Sweet Republic also offers a varied selection of sorbets, and yes, frozen yogurts.

I’m just saying.

Sweet Republic | sweetrepublic.com | 9160 E. Shea | North Central Scottsdale | 480-248-6979

Sweet Republic on Urbanspoon

  1. I was also late to jump on the Sweet republic bandwagon as I just went there for the first time last night and blogged about it this morning. And when I went searching for a blog on the same topic, I stumbled upon yours (after mine was written). I found it quite odd you gave your post the exact title that I had originally given mine. Also, your post’s whole theme about the superiority of homemade ice cream to frozen yogurt perfectly matches the theme of my blog. So I am leaving a comment in hopes that you think it’s as interesting as I do that our thoughts were scary-similar. At least when you wrote this post, anyway. 🙂


  2. Hi Chelci,

    Sweet Republic is easily one of the best spots for ice cream that I’ve been to, anywhere. Some of the stuff they produce is so good I think it could honestly be the work of the devil.

    Enjoyed reading your blog. Nice to meet you!


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