Downtown Phoenix: Nobuo at Teeter House

James Beard-rendered chef Nobuo Fukuda (“Best Chef Southwest,” 2007) returned to form last month, re-engaging with a new Downtown eatery in historic Heritage Square, Nobuo at Teeter House. Concluding an anxious absence from the public’s regard since his previous gig at eulogized Scottsdale restaurant Sea Saw ended last June, Fukuda has been patiently amassing momentum in our shadows – dabbling in freelance cookery and related consulting at other restaurants around town (NOCA and Welcome Diner, come to mind)⎯waiting for an opportune moment. Well, fog cleared⎯such a fortuitous moment is upon us.

More relaxed than Sea Saw, Nobuo at Teeter House is not intended to be a straightforward copy of his former home. Still aiming for that surgical boundary between strict Japanese execution and the more limitless horizon of western sensibilities, expect a more relaxed roster of largely sharable menu items in this foodly vein⎯cross-Asian influences with near-obscure modern American undercurrents. Evocative of blue-collar taverns that also serve legit regional comfort food throughout Japan⎯izakaya⎯prepare for an atmosphere lacking vanity, pushing an understated, communal spirit.

Nobuo at Teeter House is now open for both lunch and dinner service, and in the coming weeks and months, Fukuda will re-introduce his once infamous omakase (chef’s choice) dining experience for select guests each night, by reservation only. A full menu of wine, beer and sake, also available. Full-throttle tea selection and pairings to come.

For a more in-depth feature on Nobuo at Teeter House by yours truly (including added details, menu highlights and photos) in the Downtown Phoenix Journal, go HERE.

Nobuo at Teeter House | | 622 E. Adams St | 602-254-0600 | Downtown Phoenix

Nobuo at Teeter House on Urbanspoon

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