Bianco Recipes Profiled in Martha Stewart Living

(Marcus Nilsson/Martha Stewart Living)

In the current issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine, Martha’s explicit love affair with Chris Bianco shines on.

After dining at Pizzeria Bianco for the very first time while in Phoenix recently for Super Bowl XLII in early 2008, Martha Stewart experienced what so many one-time Pizzeria Bianco virgins have been gushing about now for years – pizza rapture.

As her favorite NFL team the New York Giants won in upset at the big game, Martha and her posse were enjoying a closed invitational dinner party at the famed Downtown pizzeria (read: must be nice). Since then, the domestic goddess has quite effectively become Bianco’s de facto PR representative. The accumulated endorsements by Martha Stewart has now officially trumped Oprah’s lone “Best Pizza in the Country” contest, in which Pizzeria Bianco was one of several nationwide winners a few years back. At this rate, Martha may be replacing Ms. Winfrey as our official president selector in 2012.

Mmm, or maybe not.

In any event, from appearing on her daytime network television show for a double cooking segment last year, to now being being featured in her flagship magazine Martha Stewart Living for the second time, our local pizza guru is continuing to reap the benefits of impressing an immortal lifestyle maven.

And, we can’t blame her for doing so. I know I definitely can’t get enough of the Wise Guy.

See some of his recipes online now at

Pizzeria Bianco | | 623 E. Adams | Downtown Phoenix | 602-258-8300

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