Midtown Coffee, Matt Pool style

Matt Pool (photo courtesy of the Arizona Republic)
Matt Pool (Jill Richards/Arizona Republic)

Update 05/22/2010Giant Coffee is finally, officially open to the public.

Critically adorned Downtown restauranteur Matt Pool (along with his wife Erenia) are in cahoots to open a slick new coffeehouse just south of PAM, near McDowell and 1st Street. They are hoping for an opening very soon.

Pool himself is the gentle giant behind such Downtown mainstays Matt’s Big Breakfast and the Roosevelt Tavern. Though there will be a small and limited food menu, Pool’s primary focus will be java and its many different, and might I add glorious, caffeinated incarnations.

The Link, by Merz Project.
The Link, by Merz Project.
It's derrier.
It's derriere.

The new coffee haunt will be located in the modern two-story office building that sits just south of Thai Hut, alongside our city’s suburban-ly underwhelming (yes, it’s true) Cancer Survivor’s Park. The stark-white, rehabilitated structure itself is the work of our favorite local hipster-architect consortium Merz Project, and it’s definitely a job well done.

Here’s to finding another favorite daytime watering hole to patronize that, you know, isn’t spelled L-U-X.

Giant Coffee | 1437 N. 1st Street | Midtown Phoenix

* A great preview of Giant Coffee was snapped by Arizona-Coffee.com

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